Picolena, a lightweight ferret-powered search engine written in Rails

Hi everybody!

I am proud to present you a small project I have been working on for a while:
Picolena, a lightweight ferret-powered search engine written in Rails.
( http://picolena.devjavu.com/ )

I wrote it for our company's intranet so that we could apply full text
search on our shared folders. It works pretty well, is very fast
thanks to Ferret, and I suppose it could be useful to other people.

Here are some queries example:

SVN repository is available there:

and the installation process is described there:

I only tried it on Ubuntu 7.04/7.10, but I guess it wouldn't be too
much trouble to install it on other *nix. Installing it on Windows
platforms could be harder though.

It supports full text search for PDF, OpenOffice.org, MS Office
documents and some other formats.
Adding new converters should be easy thanks to a small DSL I wrote.

I don't pretend to write good Ruby/Rails code, but at least this
application gets the job done, so I'm releasing Picolena under an MIT
Maybe others could find it useful, give some feedback and help make
this app getting better. Sure enough, there's room for improvement :slight_smile: