Phusion Passenger on a sub-URI - deleting my controller name

I know this must be a configuration error on my part but I can't figure
it out. I have a Rails application running on a sub-URI, and within
that I have sevearl different controller/entry points. So in my
httpd.conf file I've got the appropriate statements:
    RailsBaseURI /foo
    RailsBaseURI /bar
    RailsBaseURI /baz

Then in my docroot I've got softlinks appropriately:

ln -s /html/rails/myapp/public /html/docroot/www/foo
ln -s /html/rails/myapp/public /html/docroot/www/bar
ln -s /html/rails/myapp/public /html/docroot/www/baz

And lastly in /html/rails/myapp/app/controllers I've got:

I've done no special manipulations to the config/routes.rb file.

This has all been working fine, in production, for months. if I point
to I go to the right place.

However for a new project I added a fourth controller, we'll call it
I did all of the above, creating a base uri, a soft link, and my

What's weird is that when I try to deploy it I'm constantly getting an
error "No route matches "". What appears to be happening is that
something in the process is eating my controller name, because if I
point to /quux/quux, then the quux controller is invoked just fine. So
Passenger is recognizing that it should hand off the request to my Rails
app, but my apps basically getting "" as a request and there is no
default route.

The other links work fine, and from everythign I can tell they are set
up the exact same (but, obviously, they must not be). I could swear
I've seen a similar "have to double the reference in the URI" problem in
the past, but I can't find it now that I need it. I've been searching,
and found plenty of examples of setting up a sub-URI with Passenger, but
nothign really dealing with this odd problem of the controller name not
getting passed along.

One thing I forgot -- if I just fire this up with script\server and hit
localhost:3000/quux, it works fine. So I don't expect it has anything
to do with this particular controller, or the routes. The best I can
tell is that Passenger is stripping out the /quux part, and I can't
figure out why. It's following it, I mean, I end up invoking my rails
app in some way, right? So it clearly saw my link and understood what
to do with it. But then it ate it.

Duane Morin wrote: