PHP in my instant rails.....

why do i have phpMyAdmin in instant rails? this is a bit weird.

can't it be written in ruby?

I was going to do something like this for the Rails Rumble but life intervened and I never ended up doing it. Been contracted out to a company for around 7 months now, and I might get cracking on it late January.

Anyone want to help?

It could be written in C, Ruby, whatever. But what's the point if it's already done and working fine?

Cheers, Sazima

Exactly, it works and rewriting it for the sake of a rewrite is not very productive. phpMyAdmin works great for MySQL databases and if there was something in Ruby, sure we could put it in.

-Rob Bazinet

It’s not rewriting for the sake of a rewrite, because you’re going to be able to not include php in InstantRails, therefore you’re not using PHP as a crutch (which doesn’t look good to newcomers)

gcc was originally compiled with something other than gcc.

Linux was initially developed on system that didn't run Linux.

We all have to stand on the shoulders of giants sometimes.