PGError "unknown column" on polymorphic association column

Hi all !

This is very strange. I am attempting to get my application running
on PostgreSQL (from MySQL), and I get this error:

ActiveRecord::StatementInvalid: PGError: ERREUR: la colonne «Party»
n'existe pas
: SELECT * FROM contact_routes WHERE (routable_type = "Party" AND
routable_id = 1000013) ORDER BY position DESC LIMIT 1

It translates to "The Party column does not exist". I ran the
statement in psql, and sure enough, I get the same error. If I quote
the routable_type column's value using single-quotes, I get the
expected results.

My models look like this:

class Party < AR::B
  has_many :contact_routes, :as => :routable

class ContactRoute < AR::B
  belongs_to :routable, :polymorphic => true

I'm on the 1.2 stable branch, using Ruby 1.8.4 and PostgreSQL 8.1.

Thanks !