permission denied with cap deploy from another machine


I am trying to deploy a Rails app from another machine than I did before and get permission denied errors. Everything the app needs is on the same root server.


------8<--------------------------- set :git_enable_submodules, 1 set :application, 'kunsthof' set :repository, 'user@myserver.tld:/home/user/git/app.git' set :scm, :git set :use_sudo, false

if ENV['DEPLOY'] == 'PRODUCTION'   set :deploy_to, '/srv/www/app' else   set :deploy_to, '/srv/www/app_staging' end

server 'myserver.tld', :app, :web, :db, :primary => true ------8<---------------------------

Following the server's logfile I get the permission denied when capistrano tries to log in from the server into the repository on that same server via ssh (by using a password). As I said, I don't get that error deploying from my original development machine.

How is that possible? Whats the difference?

Another question is, if it is possible to say capistrano that it is pathetic to log in on the same machine via ssh when it just could take the repo from it's path.