Performance comparison: LiteSpeed + Ruby LSAPI vs Ruby FCGI


I spent some time on benchmarking Ruby LSAPI and Ruby FCGI interface, it might be helpful for people who want to bring the best performance out of Ruby/Rails, if you if you are interested, the result is available at

Best Regards, George Wang

Btw, any chance on getting a binary compiled for Freebsd 6?

Hi George,

Can you tell me if LSAPI natively supports something like this

Thanks, Serge


We built freebsd 6 binary periodically, you can get it at or

Best Regards, George


No, upload progress bar does not work with LSWS+LSAPI, it is not related to LSAPI, but because LSWS waits for the whole request before forwarding it to backend scripting engine. We does that because the precious backend scripting engine don’t need to wait for the slow I/O.

On the other hand, doing upload progress bar inside Rails framework is not a good idea to us, maybe OK for small sites, but for high traffic sites, scalability will become a serious issue.

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