Peepcode REST podcast. ..didn't anybody get it ?

And if so, I’m going a bit bonkers here and need to watch it again, but
if I remember correctly, scaffold_resource generator was used, but for nested resources
the show and index were removed from the controller ?
Is this correct as far as what happened in the demonstration and if so is it correct as far as rest goes ?


I haven't seen the episode, but if you don't need actions, don't
create them. For instance, a standard blog usually doesn't have a
separate page to list comments or show a specific comment. Typically
you'd go to the post permalink (/posts/1) which has the comments
listed. So, implementing CommentsController#index or show
(/posts/1/comments or /posts/1/comments/1) isn't necessary. All you'd
need is #create/#delete in this example.