Paypal plugin?


I'm trying to install and run the paypal gem and plugin. Initially it
seemed as if the gem was not available any more from the authors page, but I managed to install it via 'gem install

However, I now cannot install the plugin using the following command
detailed in the documentation, the command line just updates with no
feedback and no files are created:

script/plugin install svn://

Which bring me to a couple of worries and questions: Does this plugin
require that svn is installed? Is there a http alternative? Or has the
plugin disappeared along with the gem (can somone with svn check)? I
did also find ActiveMerchant by the same author, perhaps this has
superseded it?

Assuming someone does have it running, are there any full examples I
could try that include the plugin directories in their source?

Many thanks,


To answer my own question, I needed svn installed ... duuh!