path problem

Hi all,

I am trying to create a mobile version of my application and for example for the mobile forums in routes.rb is:

map.resources :forums,                 :controller => 'mobile/forums',                 :path_prefix => '/mobile',                 :name_prefix => 'mobile_' do |forums|     forums.resources :topics,                      :controller => 'mobile/topics',                      :name_prefix => 'mobile_' do |topics|       topics.resources :posts,                        :controller => 'mobile/posts',                        :name_prefix => 'mobile_'     end   end

In the topics index, to post a topic:

<p> <% if is_logged_in? -%>   <%= link_to 'Post New Topic', mobile_new_forum_topic_path(:forum_id => @forum) -%> <% else -%>   <%= link_to 'Login to post a new topic', login_url -%> <% end -%> </p>

The problem is the path mobile_new_forum_topic_path. I am getting an 'undefined method' error. I know this is because the path is not right but I have tried all various combinations e.g. mobile_new_topic_path, forum_mobile_new_topic_path etc but get the same error.

Anyone any ideas?



run "rake routes" command to show all possible routes and path/url names


Stephen Fagan wrote:

I got it sorted out. It turned out to be new_mobile_topic_path. So obvious its frightening :@o



Tom Z Meinlschmidt wrote: