Patch to MemCacheStore for Ruby 1.9.2


This is my first attempt at a contribution to the Ruby on Rails core
and I was hoping to get some feedback on my patch:

I know the contributing guide indicated that I should tag the post
with 'patch', but I was unable to actually tag the post. I'm guessing
this has to do with privileges?


There were some problems with the ever-present spammers clearing tags from tickets, so there's a restriction on newish users changing tags. I've tagged the ticket as 'patch'.

What version of Rails does the patch apply to? It doesn't look *particularly* sensitive to version (since it's only touching two files) but it will help keep track if you specify what version the patch is for.


--Matt Jones

The patch should apply to the most recent version (Rails 3.0.5?) but I don’t think it’s particular to that version. I have verified that the bug exists in 3.0.4 as well.


Pan Thomakos