Patch Review Requested for assert_redirected_to bug.

Got bit by an edge case of assert_redirected_to today. Basically it fails if you are redirecting from within a namespaced controller to a top-level controller of the same name if you use a named route. Not only that, but I also found a few tests passing that shouldn't have been as a result of this bug. If a few people could install the patch (both the test failure and fix are included) and give it the thumbs up I'd appreciate it:

This is now updated with a new patch with an additional explicit test. Still looking for reviewers--remember this is a bug that will sooner or later bite anyone using RESTful routing and namespaced controllers.

Gonna put out the call one more time for this. I have done 3 revisions on this per Koz' request. It's a simple bug fix. Take 5 mins and save your future self the couple hours I spent diagnosing and fixing this logical error in assert_redirected_to: