Passing Multiple Parameters from observe_field

I need to pass through two parameters to a controller method from an
observe_field : the value of the field and another local variable.

I can get it working for either of the two, but not for both.

This is what I'm got in the form partial I'm trying to write
(purchaser_country_id is coming in as a :local) -

<p><label for="order_purchaser_zipcode">Zip Code</label><br/>
<%= text_field 'order', 'purchaser_zipcode', :size => 20 %>

<% if Zipcode.exists?(["state_id in (select id from dbfox001.states where
country_id = ?)", purchaser_country_id]) %>
  <!-- Enable zipcode searching if we have zipcodes for the country at all -->
  <%= 'Zipcodes exist for ' + purchaser_country_id.to_s %>
    observe_field :order_purchaser_zipcode,
                  :update => 'purchaser_loc2',
                  :url => { :controller => 'order', :action => 'findzip' },
=> "'purchaser_country_id='+purchaser_country_id.to_s+'&purchaser_zipcode='+encodeURIComponent(value)"
  <% else %>
    <!-- If no zipcodes exist then just use standard text entry boxes -->
  <%= 'No zipcodes for ' + purchaser_country_id.to_s %>
  <% end %>

  <div id='purchaser_loc2'>
      <%= render :partial => "purchaser_location2",
                 :locals => {:purchaser_country_id => purchaser_country_id,
                             :purchaser_zipcode => ''} %>

      <p><label for="order_purchaser_city">City</label><br/>
      <%= text_field 'order', 'purchaser_city', :size => 50 %></p>

If one of the fields is a literal it works : for example -

=> "'purchaser_zipcode='+encodeURIComponent(value)+'&purchaser_country_id='+'101'"

Any help appreciated.



I had the same problem up until a couple of minutes ago. Try this:

with =>



Thanks for that : I managed to resolve this last night (with the same
solution) after some help on the RoR chat forum.

Thanks very much.