passing multiple objects with remote_function


I can successfully pass a single object from any form field to my
controller via:

Select Year: <%= collection_select("vehicle", "year", @availableYears,
"year", "year",
                    {:prompt => "Select a year"},
                    {:onchange => "#{remote_function(:url => {:action
=> "update_from_year"},
                                                     :with =>
"'vehicle_year_id='+value")}"}) %></li>

What I would like to do is pass all the form values (4) to the
controller with 1 :onchnage action.

My controller logic needs to replace different page elements according
to what fields values are set. But the fields may change at different
times and depending on there current values may need to change each

My thought was every time any of them changed send along the status of
all of them so I may check them and act accordingly.

So if anyone knows how i can pass multiple values with :with => . Or
another way to go about getting the values from the controller before
updating the page that would be great.

Hi brianp

     You can use submit option with remote_function as with
link_to_remote. Please check it here


You could try using a :with like so:

:with => "$('form_element').serialize()")

where 'form_element' is the id of your form.