Partials and config.load_paths

Is it possible to define a sub directory in the views folder to put
partials? In my config.load_paths in the environment.rb I've added an
entry to the effect of "config.load_paths += %W( #{RAILS_ROOT}/app/
views/my_item/my_partials )" where I've placed partials but they can't
be found when referencing them from the views/my_item.rhtml file. Am I
missing something? (it works fine when I place the partials in the
same directory as my_item.rhtml file)

config.load_paths is for something entirely different. If you render the partial foo/bar then it will render the partial app/views/foo/_bar.html.erb (or whatever file type it happens to be)


config.load_paths is for libs i think

if you want to render a partial in a special place, just give it the

render :partial => "/my_path/my_partial"

I figured I must be off track with this. Thanks for pointing me in the
right direction.