Part time rails job for learning experience

I am also looking for part time job ,i have 1.3 year of exp in rails

Good luck, both of you. In the meantime, if you haven't, hop on an open source project, pick up some issues and work on them. Contributions are noticed by employers; github is like a job board almost some days. Also, hop on stackoverflow and answer some questions, build some karma there. The good employers know to look at these things. Build your own portfolios as well. Having coding samples that you can readily show and offer is quite helpful.

Getting through the tutorials is really only the first step. You have to demonstrate that you can actually solve problems that come up with writing web applications. Like any skill, software development takes time and effort to hone and become proficient in. Work the kata. Work with others. Read code. Help with projects. Build a network of people who know you and your code. Make something useful or beautiful every day.