Parse date for given locale

Hi, I’ve search this term on google and didn’t get the result that im looking for.

given a date and a locale, some times the date in ‘%d/%m’%Y’ but sometimes it ‘%m/%d/%Y’ according to the locale.

how to parse this date ?

Ahmy Yulrizka

I think the best solution is not to allow free format of date but to
provide separate fields for each part. datetime_select can do this
for you automatically.

If you really need to do it however, then provided you know what the
format is then use strptime to parse it.


Thanks for your reply colin

but the thing is, i dont control the format. Im trying to parse brithday given by facebook. it give both of information the locale like ‘en_US’ and then the birthday like ‘10/21/1980’ and it’s differ according the facebook user’s setting.

if this is not built in in ruby/rails, is there any gem for this ?

Ahmy Yulrizka