Parent Child Relationship

class Event < ActiveRecord::
`    has_``many :categories`

If I delete a category, it affects the events that were created before. How can make sure that event can still display it's old category name? TIA.

Look at acts_as_paranoid. I use it for a similar, but different reason, but it may help you. Basically, if you add acts_as_paranoid to your category model, when you destroy a category, it actually sets a column deleted_at to the current time. Acts_as_paranoid overrides the find and count methods to ignore anything that has deleted_at not null. However, it has accessor methods that allow you to return all categories including those with the deleted_at column set. I heard someone say that the author of this plugin may not be supporting it in the future, however, I am using it with no issues. YMMV

Bala Paranj wrote: