Params & Class Methods

Hello all! This is my first time posting to the list, so be
gentle. :wink:

Here's my setup.... I've created a controller class method for
performing some access control actions during a before_filter
callback. What I'd like to do is access the params from within the
class method without having to explicitly pass them in the
controller. I'd like to check the path in the url for some finer
grained authentication.

I've tried to do a couple of different ways, but I think params are
either out of scope or not created by the time the before filter

Is what I'm proposing possible?

Example of what I'd like to do:

in controller......
class ProjectController < ApplicationController
   class_method_call 'do something'

   ...... rest of controller code ...

in lib.....
module AccCheck
  def self.included(in_sub)

  module ClassMethods
    def class_method_call(in_string)
      before_filter do |c|
         if !params[:id].nil?
          .... check access .....


Yikes... it sounds like if I could do that it could be a clash of
biblical proportion. I really have no reason for not being able to
pass the params in the controller. I was curious to know if something
like that was accessible with the class method I was creating.

Thanks for the info.