Params being passed on post, but not on get

Hi. I’m trying to pass params to a new page. In my routes I have:

resources :entries
post '/entries/new => 'entries#create'
get '/entries/new' => 'entries#new'

my buttons are here:

<%= button_to "Add Album Post Create", new_entry_path(album_id:, user_id:, active: true, album_spotify_id: @album.spotify_id), method: :post %>

<%= button_to "Add Album New Form", new_entry_path(album_id:, user_id:, active: true, album_spotify_id: @album.spotify_id), method: :get %>

Even though they are the same, the entry_params in the case of the first post method one are:

#<ActionController::Parameters {"album_id"=>"28", "album_spotify_id"=>"2IrrkgAgfGBo4ADlBNFTDl", "user_id"=>"1", "active"=>"true"} permitted: true>

while in the get method case I’ve gotten either:

*** NameError Exception: undefined local variable or method `entry_params' for #<ActionView::Base:0x0000000000fde8>

when looking in the new.html.erb file (entries/new) or:

#<ActionController::Parameters {} permitted: true>

when looking at the EntriesController new function.

If you need any more information just let me know. I’m really confused as to how the button works perfectly when posting, but the other one does not load the new entry_params.

I’m a bit confused. If you declared the resources above, why do you override it below?

What does rails routes give you?

routes gives me:

entries GET    /entries(.:format)                                                                                entries#index
                                         POST   /entries(.:format)                                                                                entries#create
                               new_entry GET    /entries/new(.:format)                                                                            entries#new
                              edit_entry GET    /entries/:id/edit(.:format)                                                                       entries#edit
                                   entry GET    /entries/:id(.:format)                                                                            entries#show
                                         PATCH  /entries/:id(.:format)                                                                            entries#update
                                         PUT    /entries/:id(.:format)                                                                            entries#update
                                         DELETE /entries/:id(.:format)                                                                            entries#destroy
                             entries_new POST   /entries/new(.:format)                                                                            entries#create
                                         GET    /entries/new(.:format)   

I think that’s redundant, but I don’t think its the source of the empty params error I’m running into (I get the same error regardless of having that in my routes file)