Paperclip + asset_host uploading to external URL

I would need to be able to upload images to an external URL I know S3 is an option but there are better image hosts out there for my requirements and one in particular I would like to make use of.

I'm thinking that I could use asset_host to determine the url and path but I can't seem to make Paperclip play nicely.

The image host I want to use is I have the accounts all set up and I have SSL enabled I just need to know how I can set a url and path to a paperclip attachment to get it to upload to somewhere other than the file system.

I've picked Paperclip for this task because it seems to be the defacto Rails standard for image handling combined with image magick.

If there is a better/more suitable alternative then that would also be OK

Please if anyone could help me figure out how to upload images to an external URL I would be very gratefull.