Paginator: Need help with navigation.

In a catalog_controller, I have a department subroutine that paginates
departmental promotions.

In my view, I have the navigation statement:

PAGE <%= @page_of_products.number %> OF <%= @pager.number_of_pages %>
<%= link_to("Prev", products_url(:page =>
@page_of_products.prev.number)) if @page_of_products.prev? %>
<%= link_to("Next", products_url(:page => if %>

This generates the url for next looking like this:


which generates this error message:

NameError in ProductsController#index

uninitialized constant ProductsController

Well, obviously, I don't want ProductsController#index,
I want CatalogController#department.

How do I change this routing? I've played with the routes.rb but can't
make it work. Is this the right approach or do I need to change the
"Paginator" navigation statement?