pagination problem...

hey dude.
I think by your requirement, you'd better use the ajax for the pagination.
read all the records from DB in your index action, and latter use ajax
for the pagination(you will not need access your index action again )

BTW: will you use cache in your app? if, yes your way is not bad
either. Though every time when you selecting the page, you will access
the index action. but it will not get the records from your DB , it
will get from your cache.

I prefer the cache one.

Hope it gives you some help.


will_paginate plugin is best solution

It can retrieve records for particular page, not whole record set.

@customers = Customer.paginate( :page => :params[:page], :limit => 10 )

Sandip R~

no... it will not...

the problem is, there is no place for you to save the records....
because the http protocol is no state.

every time when you refresh the page, the variable is gone...