paginating_fing vs limit / offset

Eric Gross wrote

Hey guys, I was reading over this.

I was wondering why this plugin in was better than using the :limit and
:offset commands?

I think Rails Paginate is just misunderstood, by some. It makes sense
Paginate (or any other solution) will be dog-slow if one throws at it more rows
than is being displayed (say :all => 10000, :display => 20).

If you are using it and not finding any problems, you must be doing something right!
And :limit and :offset is the key. One other ingredient I should mention is row count.
This is where there may be a performance hit as it depends on which approach is used.
Foo.find :all or SQL Select count(*). I believe the above plugin uses the latter.

I think Rails Paginate can be made more easy to use by reducing coding "repetitiveness".
Yep, another plugin is in order...