page.replace_html doesnot work for a table row in I.E.

I am trying to replace a table row’s content from rjs using page.replace_html “table_row_id”, "“contents” but it ceases to fail in I.E.,however it works in Mozilla firefox, does anyone know about any workaround?

Regards, Jatinder

Tables are not DOM objects in MS-lingo. They have a seperate object model. Check MSDN for ‘dynamic tables’. Short answer is, you’re going to need to move to using

and CSS if you want to do ajax updates to things that look like tables.

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Yes now I get it… I went through the code generated by ajax-scaffold, which works across browsers… they have done it with the help of page.insert_html, they basically hide the row, create a new row, moves the new row below the row which is hidden.

I have just incorporated similar code for my table and it works with just one exception, although I insert a row and move it under the hidden row, still there is one empty row which gets added at the bottom of the table.

Regards Jatinder