Page print for lightwindow

I was pondering how to print (printing on white paper with printer) the
page opened in lightwindow . i was getting a list of foods on the page
and provides a mouse over link for each food to open a lightwindow with
total food details.
when lightwindow popup opens i was providing two links print and close
when clicked on print i was getting a print out with the lightwindow
page and also list of foods existing in background.

in view :

<li><a id="fooditem_<%= %>_recipe_popup_link"
href="#recipe_popup_<%= %>" href="javascript:void(0);"
class="lightwindow" params="lightwindow_width=475">Recipe and

<div id="recipe_popup_<%= %>" class="recipe_popup">
<div class="recipe_header"><a href="javascript:print()">Print</a> | <a
href="#" class="lightwindow_action" rel="deactivate">Close</a></div>
   <span class="title">foodname</span>
   <span class="value"><%= food_recipe.food_name %></span>

I used javascript:window.print(); but this is not the current one for
getting only lightwindow data neglecting the rest in the background

any solution ?