Hi everyone,

In one of the actions i am using page.insert_html, t works fine in IE7
and Mozila. Is does not seem to work in IE6. Anyone aware of such
problems... i'm stuck... any help is appreciated; the element i am
inserting into is a <td>

page.insert_html :after, 'company'+params[:id].to_s, :partial
=>"group", :id => params[:id]

and the aprtia is nothing more than a div

<div id="gd<%=params[:id].to_s%>">
<%= text_field 'cp ', 'cp_id'+params[:id].to_s, :style=>"width:150px"
<%= link_to_function(image_tag('/images/sc.png'),
"document.getElementById( ........%>

Thank you,