Hello all

I have very strange issue with my code.

i have a select tag, onchange it is calling a function. but i want to
pass selected value from drop down in that function. But that function
is already performing few actions, so I have to use overwrite_params.
please look at following code:

select_tag('srtType', options_for_select(['Sort By', 'Price', 'Title',
                :onchange => remote_function(
                    :url=> { :controller => 'listings', :action
=> :search_results, :overwrite_params => { :srtType =>
"this.value"] }} ,

                    :method => "'post'" )

overwrite_params => { :srtType => "this.value"] } is not passing
selected value. it is passing it as string.

Please advice.


hi, you should use use "with" parameter to send javascript values.

Here is the how to do it :

            options_for_select(['Sort By', 'Price', 'Title', 'date']),
            {:onchange => remote_function(
              :url=> {
                :controller => 'listings', :action
=> :search_results}, :with => "{srtType:this.value}", :method
=> :post )})


unfortunately i am unable to do so, because there are some parameters
in search_results which i want to keep and overwrite one particular.