Overriding the default rails app generator - how?


I have been working a lot on getting a grasp of creating rails 3
I have created some nifty generators and some Mongo Mapper and Mongo

Now I am considering creating a complete Rails app generator, to
customize it to my needs.
It seems a bit akward to use the "current" approach where you simply
add on some steps at the end of the generation to remove certain files
and add some extras etc.

Does anyone have any idea for how to do this?
I think what is required is to simply create a Thor task and
installing it on the system, but how can I make this thor task call a
generator in an installed gem? Hmm.. I guess I could just require the
gem in the Thor task?


You could have the gem install the thor task for you. That way you
only get the task if the gem is available.

Allen Madsen

Sounds great! How would I do that exactly?