Overriding Dynamic Scaffolding

All of the documentation that I've read relating to the overriding of dynamic scaffolding seems to indicate that the way the override is to be accomplished is to add an appropriate method to the controller class (e.g., list) and the added method will cause the dynamic method to be overridden. Indeed it seems to work that way. Also, as some documentation seems to point out, if one adds the method but fails to add a corresponding template, Rails will complain about the missing template and indeed that's the way that it seems to work. No surprises so far.

The surprising thing to me is that it appears that one can add a static template without ever adding a corresponding method to the controller. I'm guessing that in such a case Rails simply retains the dynamic method but looks to the static template since it now exists. So, essentially, if one wants only to override the dynamic template with a static template while continuing to use the dynamic method, he can do so. That's good news. My question is: Am I missing something or is this the way that it's supposed to work.


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Hi Doug

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