OT: looking for a domain name registrar (ICANN-accredited, not a reseller)

One of my domain names had a renewal problem this week that shut down the web site and email. (Fortunately, this has since been resolved.) Regardless of whether the reseller or the vendor was at fault, I intend to switch from this registrar to a different one when my domains are up for renewal. In addition, I have domain names with other resellers that I’d also like to switch. (I haven’t had problems with these other resellers, but this may be just luck.)

Thus, I’m interested in switching to a different domain name registrar that is ICANN-accredited and is NOT a reseller. I want to avoid resellers, as this means that there are two potential points of failure instead of one.

What do you recommend? No, I’m not interested in using GoDaddy. My shortlist at the moment includes:

  1. Dynamic Network Services (dyn.com, $15/year), which Heroku uses
  2. Dynadot ($9.99/year), which Wikileaks uses

What do you think of these registrars? Are there others I should consider?