Order by size desc

ok so i am trying to order the results by the total size in a desc
order, here is what i have so far and its not working

def show
    @reports = Report.find(:all, :group => 'user_id', :order =>
'user_id.size desc' )

anybody know how to go about doing this

Hi, it seems that you’re trying to access an attribute of a User table called size and

this isn’t possible with the above. Thus, you’ll need to do something like the following:

Report.all( :joins => :user, :group => "user_id", :order => "size desc" )

The key thing here is to use :joins to access the users table within the
query. This allows one to access the fields in the query without displaying
the data of that attribute.

Good luck,


Awesome, thanks for the reply i shall give it a try