Open Source projects for a junior

Hello Everyone,

I am a junior dev and recent bootcamp grad trying to get my feet wet with rails. I have asked a couple devs I know that mentioned most people in the community that are worth their weight contribute to open source projects consistently, and create / maintain existing packages to become a part of the rails community.

I want to be a part of the community, contribute, and become a better rails developer. So I have a few questions i’m hoping people can clear up.

  1. Where can I find open source projects, or how can I find “beginner” issues to submit PR’s to?

  2. How can I create useful libraries, or where can I contribute to existing libraries?

  3. Is it true these kind of contributions will help me find work as a dev?

Is anyone willing to connect with me as a mentor and help guide me through some of this?

Thanks for your time

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  1. Issues labeled good first issue might be a start (only 1 ATM). You might also ask around the Hotwired repos and forum. Anyway, actual Rails team members will probably have better suggestions :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi @mmmbacon :wave:

ROSS conf is a remote conference that allows maintainers to introduce their projects to first time contributors. You can find video presentations by some OpenSource maintainers on their site and maybe find a project you find interesting: Remote Friendly | ROSS conf

Another source for finding projects is CodeTriage: Get Started Contributing to Open Source Projects | CodeTriage

There was a recent tweet thread by Yehuda Katz, who has contributed to a lot of OpenSource projects (including Rails), about how contributing can help your career: