Open source project: Railstart


Backend admin dashboard management system based on Bootstrap 5 and NiceAdmin and Rails 7


Preview: RailStart

NiceAdmin is open source template based on Bootstrap 5, you can download it from network, I integrate it with Rails 7.

It will integrate various functions and plugins, mainly for easy writing code.


Please make sure that Redis and PostgreSQL server is running.


  • Beautiful style based on NiceAdmin
  • Based on Rails 7 and hotwired turbo and stimulus
  • Integrate automation deployment: capistrano
  • Pagination
  • Charts with chartjs and apexcharts and echarts
  • Icons: Bootstrap Icons and RemixIcons and Boxicons and FontAwesome
  • Text Editor: trix and TinyMCE
  • Breadcrumbs
  • Integrate Action Text
  • Frontend website seo
  • Custom error page
  • Bootstrap and TailwindCSS flash helper with stimulus support
  • Support API(comming soon)
  • Integrate TailwindCSS for frontend
  • Integrate Simple-DataTables
  • aliyun, qiniu, tencent cloud storage
  • Letter avatar
  • Ui faces avatar
  • Admin user can upload own avatar
  • China province city town selector
  • Own authentication system
  • Payment: stripe, alipay, wechatpay(comming soon)
  • Social Logins with OAuth: Github, Wechat, Google(comming soon)
  • Wechat public account development(comming soon)
  • Video upload(comming soon)
  • Admin can upload own website icon and set other system informations
  • Admin system settings
  • Clean and simple scaffold template(comming soon)
  • Simple code for form builder(comming soon)
  • Notifications(comming soon)
  • Internationalization (I18n)
  • Graphql API(comming soon)
  • Monitor performance of you Rails applications
  • Login status management
  • Markdown parser(comming soon)
  • Send china sms
  • IP address positioning
  • Blocking and throttling
  • Protected important admin page
  • Strong database migration check
  • Active Record extend and Database performance analysis
  • Strong password validations
  • Strong email validations
  • Invisible captcha
  • Active Record n+1 query check
  • Code quality analysis
  • User Documentation and API documentation
  • Generate database erd file
  • Database populate data script
  • Nested form
  • Timeago helper
  • Modal
  • List check all
  • Admin scaffold tempalte generator
  • Tooptip
  • Autocomplete for text field
  • Awesome notify
  • Client validations
  • Captchas
  • Pdf generator
  • qrcode and barcode
  • Country flag emoji
  • Image Optimizer
  • Background job for client notify
  • Timezone I18n
  • ActiveRecord change log
  • Awesome bootstrap form
  • Tags
  • Render partial async
  • Page Title
  • Custom validations
  • PostgreSQL Extension
  • Parallel execute
  • Hotkeys
  • Infinite scroll
  • Form autosave
  • Play sound on client side for broadcast
  • Friendly Url
  • Friendly flash i18n messages

Included public gems

Private gems

  • activestorage_tencent
  • activestorage_upyun
  • acts_as_avatar
  • custom_trix
  • error404
  • flag_icons
  • ip_locator
  • niceadmin
  • rails_boxicons
  • rails_remixicon
  • table_for
  • tencent_cos
  • tinymce_extended
  • upyun
  • youdao_translate_all
  • rails_fontawesome6
  • ant_design_icon
  • iconfont
  • helper_extended
  • loading_svg
  • where_streets


Install your system softwares first.

Mac OS X

brew install imagemagick vips redis postgresql gs poppler mupdf ffmpeg graphviz pgcli


sudo apt install postgresql-14 redis-server imagemagick ghostscript libvips poppler-utils libpoppler-dev mupdf ffmpeg graphviz python-pip pgcli

for image_optim:

sudo apt-get install -y advancecomp gifsicle jhead jpegoptim libjpeg-progs optipng pngcrush pngquant
brew install advancecomp gifsicle jhead jpegoptim jpeg optipng pngcrush pngquant jonof/kenutils/pngout

cargo install oxipng
npm install -g svgo

pdf prewview: How to install Poppler on Ubuntu · GitHub

Then follow this link to install Ruby and Rails

Or install rvm and then install Rails manually.


Running the app finally

git clone
cd railstart-niceadmin
bundle install
cp .env.template .env
# and then change .env configurations for you
rails db:migrate
rails db:seed
rails server


# change .env file configurations and upload nginx config
bundle exec cap production puma:nginx_config
# then
bundle exec cap production deploy

Also support other capistrano commands.

gem "capistrano", "~> 3.16", require: false
gem "capistrano-rails", "~> 1.6", require: false
gem "capistrano-rvm", "~> 0.1.2"
gem "capistrano3-puma", "~> 5.2"
gem "capistrano-rails-console", "~> 2.3", require: false
gem "capistrano-db-tasks", "~> 0.6", require: false
gem "capistrano-sidekiq", "~> 2.0"

You can type cap -T for details.


generate CHANGELOG

npx semantic-release --no-ci


Copyright (c) 2022 hfpp2012



Trying to run the project locally but facing this error: ActionView::Template::Error (couldn’t find file ‘bootstrap/dist/js/bootstrap.bundle’ with type ‘application/javascript’

What would be a work around…


run bin dev to generate bootstrap.bundle file

I tried to install, but looks like the github repo is gone.

Rather than installing all of this random homebrew stuff, seems preferable to just release docker-compose.yml, Dockerfile, and potentially a startup script for grabbing and rebuilding the dependencies.

Great idea to make the package a lot of the best stuff to get people started though!

Took a little digging through GitHub’s search engine, but here’s an up-to-date link to the repo: GitHub - hfpp2012copy/railstart: