Open Source Contribution


After some reading and coding samples i'm looking for a real ROR open- source project to contribute.

Does anybody need help?

Regards,    Guilherme Guimarães

Hi Gilherme,

I'd like to improve story management of a Scrum app. Take a look at: Winds of Scrum download | Right now I'm developing new features but story creation, assignation and repriorization is an app weak point. If you like to collaborate contact me.


Sadly that u are use, because at rails community, in the current realities, if project is no at, its likely dead.)

Ivan Nastyukhin

are you from github?

Dammit.... all my projects must be dead then :frowning:

There are a lot of open-source project need some help. I can say someone :

Typo : Redmine : Shapado : Oupsnow : Errornot:

And a lot of. By example you can upgrade all of that project in Rails 3 Beta or help with some fix bug, report bug or add features.

Thank you Oliver and Cyril for the suggestions.

I will check it out and decide from where to start.

Regards,     Guilherme Guimarães

+1 for shapado, if you need help you can talk to us on #shapado in freenode Thanks Cyril :wink:

I'm assuming you're asking for RoR projects, not just plugins or gem projects.

I'm not active in these groups, but they're pretty friendly:

FatFreeCRM Hobo Redmine

Other projects: as far as I know, no one is making an effort to port Beast/AlteredBeast (RoR forum) to Rails 3, but I've been out of that loop for a good while.

You may also want to look at Spree and RefineryCMS, though the latter is put out by a design company. If you're looking for a high-profile project to help you build a freelance portfolio, Spree may be your best bet.

You can also ask these guys: