:only and :except not working for map.resources

Hi guys. I'm trying to get rid of some non-existing routes. My
UserSessionsController has three methods: new, create, and destroy.
However, in routes.rb , I'm generating the 7 RESTful routes:
  map.resource :user_session

So, I thought that this would generate routes for the 3 actions that
do exist:
  map.resource :user_session, :only => [:new, :create, :destroy]

However, after adding that, ``rake routes'' still spits out the other
4 routes:

Any idea what's going on here? Thanks,


The :except and :only routing options are only available on Edge Rails
(Rails 2.2.1 or Rails 2.2 RC2) at this time. Make sure you are running
the correct version.


Thanks Robert. I had no idea that was the case. I figured that the
docs at api.rubyonrails.org were applicable to the current stable
version, rather than Edge.

Ack, my bad. The :except and :only options aren't listed on
api.rubyonrails.org yet. I found them in the "Rails Routing From The
Inside Out" Rails Guide: