"onload" event handler inside a div

Dave wrote:

Hi. I need help on what is essentially putting an "onload" event handler
into a div. I am using render :partial and when the partial is loaded, I
would like the divs to show using an effect from a library such as
scriptaculous or moofx. However, there is no "onload" for a div. I was
wondering what alternative methods I should use to achieve this.


If you put the j-script you want to execute in a <script></script> block
that appears immediately after the div, and have the script execute
immediately, then it will only run immediately after the div is in


content content content

<script type="text/javascript">
function do_something_to_div() {


here's an example: this is in an RJS file called create.rjs:

page.visual_effect :blind_up, "new_comment_form_for_post_#{@post.id}"

this is called from the create action of a controller....in the create
action would be something like this:

respond_to do |format|

which would call the RJS...the RJS does the scriptaculous effect that
makes the div roll up like a blind....the div id is in the speech marks
after the :blind_up command.....

further reading: http://script.aculo.us