One view, many actions

Hi all,
I've got a view named "prompt.rhtml"and a controller named "customer"
with some actions ("prompt", "getdata", and so on...). Of course, the
URL "/customer/prompt" is associated to the action "prompt" and then
to the view "prompt.rhtml", but is it possible, when the URL is
"/customer/getdata", to associate the action "getdata"
with the view "prompt.rhtml"? If so, how can I do this?

It should be like this: getdata (action) -> prompt.rhtml (view)...


You could call this:

render :action => 'prompt'

to render the entire 'prompt' action -- inside your definition for
'getdata'. I'm not sure how to get it to just use the same view file,

If anyone else has a solution, jump on in, I'm interested too.