Offline rails app

Hello Developers,

I am Rupinderjit Kaur, contributing to Open Source Rails project. I am trying to make the whole application to work offline. For this to implement, I tried a lot of methods but did not get any solution yet. Actually, I am new in the world of Rails.
Firstly, I tried rack-offline gem but found that I did not work because of outdated and then try the serviceworker-rails gem and use the service worker API of javascript and I follow this tutorial but by using this tutorial I create a new page that works offline when the app is not connected but my requirement is to make the whole app offline which has multiple pages that include the dynamic content as well as have the images and audio files. Can anyone please guide or suggest me something to make the whole app work offline. Is their any alternative to offline the multiple pages web app which has dynamic content. It’s really urgent. Please help me as soon as possible.
Thank you :).