off topic -- modules in sinatra

First off Apologies for off topic post -- but I figure that more people
here will be familiar with sinatra than the general forum and the
particular code was adapted from Rails...

I need to tweak the sinatra FileStreamer class which is in module
Streaming, which is in module Sinatra in sinatra.rb because the data I
am sending is derived from a database and I don't know up front what
size it is and each has to get blocks of data from the db. (And I
*really* don't want to extract it to a file and then send that :wink:

The problem I have is that I can't figure out how to reference a class
that is part of a module? I've tried various things but I can't make it

I then tried lifting the class out of sinatra.rb but of course it has
hooks into module variables etc and anyway I would much rather do this


include "sinatra"

class Appsupport

  include Sinatra::Streaming << Unknown constant ?

  class DBStreamer < <what goes here? >