Observing Radio Buttons ??

Hi Nitin,

Nitin wrote:

I am having some thing like the following code: // Radio Button with id new_X <input type="radio" name=" X" id="new_X" value= "new" /> <b> New X</b> <br>

// Observe method on radio button // test_X method exists in the controller and has a correspondin rhtml file. <% observe_field(:new_ X, :frequency => 0.1,                     :update => :new_X _container,                     :url => { :action => :test_X }) %>

Because you've hand-coded the field you're asking Rails to observe. Rails is server-side technology that generates the html and/or js to send to the browser. But it only concerns itself with the stuff you tell it you want it to concern itself with. You tell it that by using erb (embedded ruby) in your view files. Any html you hand-code just gets passed straight through to the browser. So in the case of your observe_field, Rails has no knowledge of the form element you're asking it to generate js to observe. It'll get worse if you've hand-coded the form tags too.

If you're new to Rails, especially if you're coming from something like PHP, you'd really benefit from working through a tutorial or two to get the hang of how things work together. At the risk of self-promotion, we just did a rewrite of Curt Hibb's "Rolling with Ruby on Rails" tutorial to bring it up to date with current (or at least near current) syntax / practices. It's at:

I hope you find it helpful. And welcome to Rails!

Best regards, Bill