observe_field - returning weird key/value pair

i am currently having a very strange problem with observe_field.

i have a select box that looks like this:

<%= select "product_section", "section", ProductSection.find(:all, :order => "title ASC").collect { |p| [p.title, p.id]}, { :include_blank => true } %>

i want to observe the drop down box to have an action happen whenever
the value of the dropdown is changed..

i have added the following code to observe the field:

<%= observe_field(:product_section_section, :update => 'attribute_data',
:url => 'insert_attributes', :frequency => 1) %>

notice the naming of the field_id in observe field. this does work..

the problem is, when i make a selection, the parameters that get passed
look like this:

params = {"7"=>nil,
"action"=>"insert_attributes", "controller"=>"admin"}

that key/value of "7"=>nil is the one i am interested in.. but it seems
like it's backward. i am thinking i should get a key/value passed that
looks more like:


anyone have any idea what i am doing wrong?


just as a hint..

when i submit this form, the select box value looks like this:


You can omit frequency if u just want to trigger on change. To pass
arbitrary parameters use the :with option like described in the rails
api for link_to_remote. I would be more specific if i weren't on my
cell in berlin underground :slight_smile:


show me the generated html of select and observer...


Sergio Ruiz wrote: