Numeric#milliseconds to complement #minutes, #hours, #days, etc.

ActiveSupport monkeypatches Numeric to add time-related functionality (see activesupport/lib/active_support/core_ext/numeric/time.rb), giving you some nice sugar for working with time, e.g.:



At the moment, there’s an #in_milliseconds method which converts a number of seconds to a number of milliseconds (e.g. 5.in_milliseconds == 5000).

However, there isn’t a #milliseconds monkeypatch. I can imagine this being useful for cases like sleep(5.milliseconds) or expect(racing_car.last_repaired_at).to be_within(5.milliseconds).of(

I’d be willing to build this; it should be a small change.

What do people think?

I’d use this. :+1:

I support this

Sounds good!

That would be great Tim!

This might also be useful in the sense that JavaScript Date() timestamps are based on a time value that is milliseconds since the unix epoch. (as opposed to seconds for server-side timestamps)