non-"table_id" foreign key

Okay folks, I'm feeling like a fool. I'm sure I'm not the first person
to run into this, but I can't find the necessary info.

Basically I need to create two tables. The first to hold actual
content. And the second to link pairs of content records. For
example, a "persons" table and a "friends" table that pairs up two
person records. Obviously, I can't have two fields in the friends
table named 'person_id'. So how do I assign a field as a foreign key,
that isn't named in the default format "table_id"?

your table friends:


class Friend


  belongs_to :right_person, :class_name => 'Person', :foreign_key =>
  belongs_to :left_person, :class_name => 'Person', :foreign_key =>

check out this article and the comments to it, someone did exactly
something like this...

igotimac, Thorsten L, & Bryan - Thank you all so much! You'll ROCK!