Non-ActiveRecord based model being passed as string?

Ilan Berci wrote:

The method I provided is not maintainable as adding attributes to the
class will break the 'serialization' mechanism.. a much better solution
would be to use reflection to run through your attributes and map them
(which is slightly different in 1.9 as compared to 1.8)


How would this be done, in a very basic way, when this table is not
backed by ActiveRecord? The reflection class is provided by ActiveRecord
and this is a table-less data structure right now. Hence the weird need
to pass stuff around. I would put it in the db, but this is data being
pulled from a database and remapped in a way, as we're using a non-rails
mapped oracle db. My app has to tie into existing data, so its a bit of
a problem.

Thanks for all the help so far.