I am making an appointments page. It is not associated with any other
model. The model validations, migrations, controllers, views, and form
structure are in place but for some reason i keep getting:

NoMethodError in Appointments#new

Showing /Users/juangomez/Documents/Aptana Studio 3 Workspace/universal/
app/views/appointments/new.html.erb where line #3 raised:

undefined method `generated_methods?' for #<Class:0x000001020a3ce8>
Extracted source (around line #3):

1: <div id="container">
2: <h1>Create An Appointment</h1>
3: <%= form_for @appointment do |f| %>
4: <%= render :partial => "form", :object => f %>
5: <%= f.submit "Create" %>
6: <% end %>

Please help me!!!!!

Hi Juan,

In the new action in your controller, do you have it creating an
actual @appointment object? For example:

class AppointmentsController < ApplicationController
  # ... other stuff here, before filters, etc.
  def new
    @appointment = # do you have this?

My theory is that when rendering the view, it's looking for the
@appointment instance variable which doesn't exist yet because your
new action wasn't creating it.

Double check that - good luck!