No request.raw_post when using RJS template?

Hi Joshua,

Joshua Muheim wrote:

<%= observe_field(:booking_musician_profile_id,
:url => { :action => :update_new_form }) %>


I'd like it to store the ID of my selected option!
Also params only includes the :controller and :action values...

The easiest way to do pass back the value is to use the (very poorly documented) ':with' option. In your case:
<%= observe_field(:booking_musician_profile_id,
                              :url => { :action => :update_new_form }
                              :with => 'player_id' ) %>

In this example, in your controller, params[:player_id] will hold the value you're looking for. You could call it anything you want in the :with assignment. It just specifies what you're going to name the key in the params hash.