No Method Error


I am a long time developer who is new to ruby and rails and am trying
to solve a few problems.

More than once now have I encountered No Method Errors in my files.
In all of the cases, there most definitely is a method defined in a
file that contains other methods that work without trouble. What
causes this error, and is there any way to find out how to remedy it?

Specifically, I am working with a permissions system. I am trying to
develop a test for Super Admin status. The method is called is_super?
and exists in my login_system module. However, when I try to use it
in my menu partial, I get the No Method Error.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Also, In experimenting and trying to figure out what is wrong, the
error is changing to a Name Error. If that helps point the answer...

Any suggestions?

Could be any number of possibilities. Would you please post the code and errors?