nginx and virtual hosts

I need to move a site from a dedicated freebsd box running a bunch of sites under apache to a CentOS VPS. The VPS will run one rails site and possibly a few wordpress blogs. My question is this, how easy is it to have multiple virtual hosts configured under nginx? I’ve only ever done the 1 rails site per vps with nginx. I remember reading something about virtual hosts being difficult under nginx but I might have been smoking crack.


I found it really easy to set up multiple rails hosts but not tried
with PHP I can't see how it would be any harder.

my setup uses individual config files which are symlinked too. i used
a tutorial fro slicehost along with one of their VPS slices and i'm
very impressed with the service. They may even have a centOS and
nginx specific tutorial.

great staff, very friendly and helpful in the chat room.


I got it up and running having never configured a webserver.