Newsletter on Rails

I am working on a few rails projects right now which involve sending out newsletters to subscribers. I don't need mailing list functionality just the ability for the system to send mildly customized emails to a large list of subscribers. I have a solution right now that just loops through my subscriber table, gets each subscriber's email and name, and then uses Action Mailer to send the newsletter. This works. Well I thought it worked. According to this approach will not work as my SMTP server will get angry if my subscriber list is too large as a new connection is made for each email that I send.

The link above provides a solution but I was wondering if there were any other approaches out there that would work well to enable Action Mailer to send a whole bunch of people an email.

If it matters at all these projects are currently hosted on TextDrive though I will probably be moving them to a VPS or dedicated box sometime in the near future.

Thank you,
Matthew Margolis