Newby Question

I am following the Depot tutorial in Agile Web Development with Rail,

I am getting the following error,

NoMethodError in StoreController#empty_cart undefined method `empty!' for #<Cart:0x5012250>

Here is my call in store_controller.rb,   def empty_cart     find_cart.empty!     flash[:notice] = 'Your cart is now empty'     redirect_to(:action => 'index')   end

And in my Model cart.rb,

  def empty!     @items =     @total_price = 0.0   end

It looks like you might have the empty! method after the private declaration. If so, it will not be visible to other objects.

I always name all the private methods with an underscore in the beginning. Just by looking at the code I know which methods are private and will catch this kind of errors quickly.

Well here is a direct copy,

From store_controller.rb:

Never mind this morning when i started up firefox the error just isn't there anymore, very strange.